Oct 26, 2023 | 5-Min. Read

Andraž Lazič

“We are excited to present yet another EK Expo, which is running in parallel with CES 2021,” said Kat Silberstein, CEO Americas. “We’re extremely passionate and excited to showcase new products, share our positive spirit, and demonstrate how our innovations in technology are helping to create a better world. We are continuously marching forward, supporting our users, partners, and the community.”

Introducing EK Fluid Works Workstations

Pushing the boundaries of computing performance and thermal management in a desktop form factor, EK today introduced EK Fluid Works workstations, a complete line of top-tier, fully liquid-cooled professional workstations for the most intensive professional visualization rendering, data science, and deep learning workloads.

EK Fluid Works workstations are available in two series – Studio Series and Compute Series, both designed to deliver consistent and predictable computing performance for the pro-visualization studio to the most compute-intensive deep learning and AI modeling applications.

“With the introduction of EK Fluid Works, a family of fully liquid cooled professional workstations has come to life. Recommended by our customers from different verticals – graphic designers, architects, AI engineers, etc. as now they can experience reliability, and the non-throttling benefits of liquid cooling.” said Edvard König, Founder EK. “We look forward to further pushing innovation and technology with passion behind our products – where our users will be the biggest beneficiaries, in the years to come.”

As the industry’s most acclaimed liquid-cooling solutions provider, EK’s Fluid Works workstations bring meaningful innovation to the professional desktop workstation industry with the first fully liquid cooled, user expandable and serviceable desktop workstations, delivering the highest performing computing experience in a desktop workstation:

  • Fully liquid-cooled: Thermal fluctuation, fatigue, and performance throttling are all critical factors that restrict the potential of today’s high-performance professional computers. Fully liquid cooling CPUs and GPUs will ensure sustained peak performance under continuous computing workloads.

  • Whisper-quiet operation: Noise levels can be a real problem with conventional PC fans. Liquid-cooled systems operate at substantially lower sound levels providing unparalleled acoustic performance.

  • Modular design: The revolutionary liquid cooling system features dripless Quick Disconnect Couplings (QDC) , allowing users to expand their systems as computing workloads increase over time, and also virtually eliminates system downtime in the event of a GPU failure.

EK Fluid Works Studio Series

EK today introduced EK Fluid Works Studio Series workstations that are designed for digital content creators who want to accelerate their workflow and complete more projects in less time. EK’s industry-acclaimed liquid cooling system directly cools the CPU and GPUs while providing whisper-quiet operation, virtually eliminating noise pollution from your creative environment.

EK Fluid Works Studio Series offers two models:

  • The S3000 model is the entry-level system of the Fluid Works Studio Series – a prebuilt dual-GPU system for content creators looking for an affordable way to speed up their workflow. They are intended for users who do not foresee the need to expand or upgrade their system any time soon. As with every Fluid Works model, the S3000 is fully liquid-cooled, cooling the CPU and two GPUs within a single liquid cooling loop while delivering consistent computing performance in an affordable package.

  • The S5000 model is more advanced but also part of the Fluid Works Studio Series. It is a user-expandable and user-serviceable, fully water-cooled, prebuilt, multi-GPU system for professionals who want to boost their productivity and are ready to invest in their business. They are intended for users who are looking to expand or upgrade their systems with more powerful graphics cards in the future. The integrated Non-Spill Quick Disconnect fittings enable the user to add more graphics card assemblies quickly and safely with pre-filled water blocks.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series

Today, EK also released the EK Fluid Works Compute Series – fully liquid cooled workstations designed for researchers and deep learning developers who demand the computing power of rack-mount servers, but prefer a deskside solution. EK Fluid Works Compute Series workstations are also the only line of professional workstations offering up to 7 fully liquid-cooled GPUs. No other workstation manufacturer can offer this much compute power per dollar, together with the performance and thermal benefits that only liquid cooling can provide.

EK Fluid Works Compute Series offers two models:

  • The X5000 model is built based on a custom-engineered case. These workstation PCs are user-expandable and user-serviceable, fully water-cooled, prebuilt, multi-GPU systems designed for the demanding visual applications and moderate to heavy AI and Machine Learning. They are intended for users who want to start with 2-4 graphics cards and upgrade their systems in the future with additional GPUs. The integrated dripless Quick Disconnect Couplings will enable them to add more graphics cards quickly and safely with pre-filled water blocks also available at EK.

  • The X7000 model is the carrier of the Compute Series and the overall flagship of the Fluid Works product line. These are top-tier, fully liquid-cooled professional workstations, configurable with up to seven GPUs, and are designed for the most intensive data science operations – from Deep Learning to the most advanced AI. These user-expandable and user-serviceable solutions also offer expandable storage – something that can only be found in servers. With hot-swap storage, you can take out an SSD to replace it or safely transfer the data somewhere else. You can even opt for a dual-CPU system when choosing your configuration.