Enterprise-Grade Liquid Cooling Loops for Servers and Workstations

Nov 03, 2023 | 2-Min. Read

Andraž Lazič

EK®, the leading premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, will soon provide a one-stop-shop purchasing option where System Integrators, Data Centers, AI/ML-focused companies, and similar customers can get full enterprise-grade custom liquid-cooling loops for their systems. 

The products belong to the EK-Pro line of professional liquid cooling solutions tailor-made for HPC systems and high-compute density applications . This means that System Integrators and Data Centers will be able to purchase full liquid cooling loops for their HPC servers and workstations and enjoy all the benefits that water-cooled HPC systems can provide.

The Advantages of Liquid Cooling for HPC Systems

High Performance Computing facilities use servers and workstations that leverage powerful GPUs, multithreaded CPUs, petabytes of RAM, and extensive storage space. All this computing power, despite modern advancements in manufacturing and power efficiency, generates tremendous amounts of heat.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 40% of the total energy requirements of these facilities is spent on keeping the IT equipment within acceptable operating temperatures. Plus, the components that use conventional air cooling tend to underperform and have shorter lifespans. 

By liquid-cooling HPC systems with EK-Pro enterprise-grade cooling solutions, data centers and system integrators will be provided with the following set of advantages: 

  • Improved Performance - Achieve the highest performance numbers the hardware is capable of. 

  • Lower Operational Temperatures - Stabilize and maintain optimal cooler temperatures over time and lower the overhead costs.

  • Minimal Noise - Provide the optimal noise-to-performance balance.

  • Custom Design - You can create custom loops according to your server or workstation needs. 

  • Minimized Downtime - With EK-Pro loops, your systems will be more consistent and reliable, minimizing overheating-induced downtime.

  • Less Space Needed - Water cooling takes up less real estate in the chassis. 

  • Future-Proofed Cooling - Efficiently handle current and all future CPU, GPU, and FPGA architectures.

To better understand how a liquid cooling loop works and takes the heat away from the chips, here’s a graphic representation of this process:

Want to discover all the benefits of liquid cooling in modern Data Center Facilities?


Industries hunger for more computational power in smaller forms while still trying to improve the energy efficiency of high-performance computing facilities. This push for “greener” technology and solutions is essentially forcing the hand of data center engineers to improve future cooling systems, and, for now, that future lies in liquid cooling systems and enterprise-grade solutions like EK-Pro.