EK Fluid Works @ SC23: Come See Our HPC Systems in Action

Oct 25, 2023 | 3-Min. Read

Andraž Lazič

As an industry-renowned player in the HPC market, we are constantly broadening our EK Fluid Works portfolio of HPC workstations, servers and pro-grade liquid-cooling gear, tailoring our solutions and products to the ever-expanding needs of AI, ML, VFX, Scientific Research, CFD, HFT, LLM, and other similar workflows. 

We strive to make our solutions more affordable, powerful, performance-focused, and greener. With HPC customers at the heart of our product design, Supercomputing 2023 is among the main opportunities for us to showcase our latest products directly to end users.

EK Fluid Works @ SC23 

As per event organizers: 

“Denver is the place to be this fall as the high performance computing community convenes for an exhilarating week of sessions, speakers, and networking at its finest. SC is an unparalleled mix of thousands of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, and developers who intermingle to learn, share, and grow.”

This means that SC23 is a perfect place for our EK Fluid Works to physically present our next-generation products. 

Where? - Denver, Colorado Convention Center, Booth 1825 (OSS’ booth)

When? - November 12 – 17, 2023 .

For more information on the Supercomputing 23 event, including directions to the venue, remote participation, and more, visit this link

EK Fluid Works SC23 Product Portfolio 

EKFW has been working hard to improve our HPC systems and pro-grade liquid-cooling solutions, tailoring them to meet your unique industry-specific workflow needs. We’re excited to showcase some of our latest and greatest developments, including: 

  • Fluid Works X7000-RM Plus – A powerful GPU server that can pack up to 7 liquid-cooled GPUs

  • EK Pro Series GPU Water Blocks – Professional-grade water blocks for NVIDIA H100 and RTX 6000 ADA GPUs 

  • EK Pro Series CPU Water Blocks – Professional-grade water blocks for AMD SP5 and Intel LGA 4677 CPUs

  • Manifold-based liquid-cooling system , and more!

Experience EK’s efficient cooling for a greener tomorrow.

EK Fluid Works’ Partners @ SC23

We will be present at SC23 via our partner, One Stop Systems , at their booth 1825 . Be sure to check out OSS’ innovative edge computing tech. 

The company designs and manufactures innovative edge computing modules and systems for AI Transportable applications including ruggedized servers, compute accelerators, expansion systems, flash storage arrays and Ion Accelerator™ SAN, NAS and data recording software. These products are used for AI data set capture, training, and large-scale inference in the defense, oil and gas, mining, autonomous vehicles and rugged entertainment applications. 

Meet EK Fluid Works @ SC23

EK Fluid Works helps companies and universities boost workflows and optimize hardware costs with our highly efficient HPC workstations and servers.

You can check out our systems here

Would you like to meet EKFW at Supercomputing 2023, or before the event, and see how our systems can help you get more work done in less time?

You can book a meeting with the EKFW team here: 

More information about EK Fluid Works at SC23 is available here .

See you in Denver.